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Ghost Stories  (English)  - Japan

Ghost Stories (English) - Japan

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Horror Comics and Short Stories

Ghost Stories from Around the World - Japan

Haunted Slumbers

Ryuichi always wakes up at two o'clock in the morning and hears creepy laughter in the room. His friend, Susumu, gives him the picture of a Baku and teaches him an incantation. One night, Ryuichi hears the laughter again.

As he is saying the incantation...

The Haunted House

Takeshi joins his friends to visit the haunted house because he doesn't want his friends to poke fun at him. They go into the Ishihara's Story Room which is full of spider webs. An eerie lady is sharing stories in the room...

Memorising the Multiplication Table

Ikiru simply cannot memorise the multiplication table. As a result, Mr Sawada locks him in the classroom as a punishment. Awakening from his nap, Mr Sawada finds Ikiru to be dead. One year later, Mr Sawada realises that someone is stalking him on his way home...

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