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Ghost Stories (English) - CHINA

Ghost Stories (English) - CHINA

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Candied Hawthorns

A girl and her friend went to the ghost market where they bought candied hawthorns. As the vendor told them, "By wating one candy, you'll see ghosts; two, you can hear ghost talking; three, you'll be able to talk to ghosts; but if you eat up all four..."

A Lucky Mail

Xueen received a "lucky mail". He had to forward it to four friends lest bad luck will come to him. Shawn sent out to four friends, but one mail was a sending failure...

The Elevator Ghost

Video clips of an elevator ghost were going viral on the Internet. Yhose who were stalked by the ghost would eventually die accidentally. Luo Jin took elevator back to his apartment. The next day, he was told about another video clip. It happened that the next victim...