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Ghost Stories (English) - RUSSIA

Ghost Stories (English) - RUSSIA

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Horror Comics and Short Stories 


Lucky Clock

Russians believe that seeing the same digits on the clock crings good luck. Anton sees '1.11' near Saint Basil's Cathedral. Is he getting luckier? Or bad luck awaits him?

The Tale of a Well

Viktor os often surrounded by the girls. Dmitry is so jealous and tries to take the mickey out of Viktor. Dmitry challenges Viktor to look into the well at 12.00 midnight. If Viktor can't see his own reflction, he will die... 

Sweet Voice

Dial 666 and you will get to listen to the voice as sweet as angel's. However, the number can only be dialed twice. Nobody knows what would happen if one makes the third call. Brystrov makes the first and second calls. Attracted by the sweet voice, he calls again...