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Ghost Stories (English) - Korea

Ghost Stories (English) - Korea

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Korea has got lots of ghost stories. The most horrible stories are those of lady ghosts with long hair in traditional costume. It is rumoured that virgin ghosts are able to stir a cold breeze. To stay away from the cold breeze, people would rather stay at home.

To release of their hatred, virgin ghosts would harm human beings.  Also, strange things would happen whenever there are virgin ghosts. The victims would usually suffer from death of family members. It's been said that you must run away if you see a virgin ghost.

Some of us would opine the existence of spirits or ghosts, it is just that our human vision is unable to see them. Those spirits are said to be very curious of how humans actually dedcribe them and tell their stories. But hey, if that is true, you would probably imagine a spirit sitting next to you and wants to share the book with you.

This book is about old and new horror stories. Please proceed to the next page. There are many more stories awaiting you. Eny reading!

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